The title of my new poetry book is “Simply”. Many people have been asking me why did I choose this title for my first published work. There is a minor and a major reason for this choice:

The Minor Reason: “Simply” is my favorite word. I use it quite often in my profession, which is education. I teach juniors and seniors, the older crowd of the chaos known as secondary education, and as much as people think that this is a difficult task, it is an easy one for me, and one that I quite enjoy. Often with my job, kids are asking questions to figure out how to get out of work. On a daily basis, I am asked, “So, what happens if I don’t do this assignment?” My answer always includes the word “simply” in it. Some of my replies have been the following:

“You simply will fail, and be here for an extended amount of time if you don’t work.”
“The answer is simply this, you know my expectations. You will either reach those expectations, or fall to the side with the others who didn’t get their diploma.”
And my favorite…
“I simply need you to go back to your seat, stop annoying me, and get back to work.”

The Major Reason: I am a huge fan of irony. To have the title “Simply” implies that the poetry will be very straight forward. That is not the case. The book is simply about love, hate, heartbreak, sex, choices, obstacles, family, fatigue, success, frailty and many other concepts that make us human. So, the topics are not simple at all, but they are simply things I have seen, heard, experienced, and learn from to become the human being that I am at this point in my lifetime.

I “simply” adore being a published writer. I now can display the bedlam known as my emotions to entertain and enlighten others. I simply can’t wait for this book to be complete.

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