Snow Days are a Blessing

Remember the days as a child when there was a possibility of a snow day? The times when you woke up, turned on the news (it was the only time you probably watched the news as a child), and waited with such anticipation for your school’s name to appear at the bottom of the screen?

What if adults behaved that way? Some do, and they are called teachers and school staff members. Yes, these fine people wake up early and automatically turn to the news. They sit there, scanning all the names of schools that have given in due to the snow conditions, the freezing rain, the bitter temperatures. These adults not only watch the news, but they grab their phones and post on social networks. They post their worries, their disgust with the tardiness of their school not appearing on the screen, and when the name of the school shows, their celebration is tremendous!

These adults do a snow dance the night before, they jump up in the air and pump their fist when the announcement is made, and text one another in case someone did not receive the news.

There is nothing better than a snow day for those who work in the education system. They enjoy it more than students. So, to those who received this glorious blessing, I hope you danced, smiled, and took advantage of the free time you were blessed to receive.

A review comes in my mailbox that brings me such joy!

I spoke to my grandmother today. Edna Earl, better known as Grams to me, had been on the phone with my mother. My mom was insist that I had to call my Grams right away, and when I did, she was raving on my new life as an author. She stated that my author picture was the best one I had ever taken, and that I was about to do big things in being a published poet. It was very kind of her to share her feelings with me, and it is a day to remember.

 I was confused at first on how she had seen my author picture and one of my poems, and then it hit me. My book promotional materials must have been mailed. After the phone call, others contacted me, like my soccer idol in coaching, PD. People had received in their mailbox a brochure about my book, and about myself as an author. Of course, my mail was running late, but when it did come, a large envelope brought me such joy!

I ripped it open, and there it was. A color brochure, with my picture, with my book cover, and with reviews about my work.

A review of my book inside my book promo stated the following:
“I do not have to be an expert in literature to understand what this woman’s poems are saying. The title is perfect; they are simply, clearly expressed beautiful works about different aspects of li…fe.”

That is exactly how I wanted someone to see my book. It’s not some complicated thing that only a small part of the populations will understand. It’s simply about many things in life: love, disappointment, cultural identity, relationships, family, and all the other aspects of life that make us human.

You can purchase it at by the weekend or at my book signing on March 23rd.

The Power of 21

Today I watched yet another fabulous inspiriational video by ET. Today, he has inspired me to focus on the Power of 21, which means for me to buckle down, and consistantly do something for 21 straight days. I have made my choices of my Power of 21.

1. Squats: For those who don’t know me personally, I had lapband surgery two and a half years ago. It was the toughest, and best decision I have made in my entire life. Due to loosing weight, there are areas that are… how should I say this… a tad looser than other areas. One area of concern, my thighs…my KFC like drumsticks that have been a problem since my conception. I read that I can conquet my issue with squads, and I vow to do 30 squats each day during my 21 countdown.

2. Writing her on my blog is the main focus. For 21 days I will devote myself to writing something, anything her so that I am doing my duty as a writer, and an an entertainer to my audience. As of right now it is lunchtime, but I am pecking away at my desk instead of joining others in the lunch room. I know that this is the prime time to be intimate with my thoughts, without the distractions of others.

So, here is the start of my Power of 21. I will make it if I stay disciplined and focused. Let the race to 21 begin!