A review comes in my mailbox that brings me such joy!

I spoke to my grandmother today. Edna Earl, better known as Grams to me, had been on the phone with my mother. My mom was insist that I had to call my Grams right away, and when I did, she was raving on my new life as an author. She stated that my author picture was the best one I had ever taken, and that I was about to do big things in being a published poet. It was very kind of her to share her feelings with me, and it is a day to remember.

 I was confused at first on how she had seen my author picture and one of my poems, and then it hit me. My book promotional materials must have been mailed. After the phone call, others contacted me, like my soccer idol in coaching, PD. People had received in their mailbox a brochure about my book, and about myself as an author. Of course, my mail was running late, but when it did come, a large envelope brought me such joy!

I ripped it open, and there it was. A color brochure, with my picture, with my book cover, and with reviews about my work.

A review of my book inside my book promo stated the following:
“I do not have to be an expert in literature to understand what this woman’s poems are saying. The title is perfect; they are simply, clearly expressed beautiful works about different aspects of li…fe.”

That is exactly how I wanted someone to see my book. It’s not some complicated thing that only a small part of the populations will understand. It’s simply about many things in life: love, disappointment, cultural identity, relationships, family, and all the other aspects of life that make us human.

You can purchase it at www.marketingnewauthors.com by the weekend or at my book signing on March 23rd.

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