Snow Days are a Blessing

Remember the days as a child when there was a possibility of a snow day? The times when you woke up, turned on the news (it was the only time you probably watched the news as a child), and waited with such anticipation for your school’s name to appear at the bottom of the screen?

What if adults behaved that way? Some do, and they are called teachers and school staff members. Yes, these fine people wake up early and automatically turn to the news. They sit there, scanning all the names of schools that have given in due to the snow conditions, the freezing rain, the bitter temperatures. These adults not only watch the news, but they grab their phones and post on social networks. They post their worries, their disgust with the tardiness of their school not appearing on the screen, and when the name of the school shows, their celebration is tremendous!

These adults do a snow dance the night before, they jump up in the air and pump their fist when the announcement is made, and text one another in case someone did not receive the news.

There is nothing better than a snow day for those who work in the education system. They enjoy it more than students. So, to those who received this glorious blessing, I hope you danced, smiled, and took advantage of the free time you were blessed to receive.

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