Standardize Testing and Sinuses Get in the Way

I messed up. I was really working on my Power of 21 and two major obstacles jumped out in front of me: sinuses and standardize testing. Both are powerful beast, that come at you, lashing their terrible teeth. Once the two S groups get a hold of you, it’s hard to fight back. But I must fight, I must conquer, and I must get back on track for my Power of 21.

I have had problems with my sinuses since I was young, and I can always count on having a sinus infection to start the spring. So, forget looking at a groundhog for guidance on the season, just look for me with a wad of tissues, watery eyes, an achy ear, and a tremendous sinus headache. It started the first day I miss my Power of 21, and I couldn’t sit at the computer to type because of a dreadful headache. My roomie, Bill, knew I was out of sorts, but he thought it was just me being grouchy. It hurt to stare at people, to listen to others on the phone, and mostly, the glare of the computer.

It still bothers me today, but I could not escape the chance to type when my head was clear for a short moment. Oh, dear sinuses, you thought you had knocked me out, but not today. Tonight, on the other hand, might be a different story, because my plan is to drug myself as soon as I walk through the door.

The bigger S that got in the way is the almighty ACT. Yes, my kids took the big test today. I had a range of emotions today, knowing that my students were darkening in millions of bubbles on a scantron-style form. I was worried that they wouldn’t make it on time, scared that one would pass out from the pressure, happy to receive a hug from a kid who thanked me for doing all the prep work for the big day, and excited to run around, like a fool, high fiving my kids before they entered into the testing room.

I have spent the last 7 months getting these kids ready for this event. It is my hopes that they felt the did well, and feel that all the work was worth it in the classroom. Here’s to the hopes that when they receive that envelope in the next 4-6 weeks that they are cheering and not crying.

But, these are not excuses. I am back on track.

Now, where is that wad of tissue for my nose…

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