Greetings of the Front Door

Today I have started my day super grouchy. I won’t get into the specifics, but I got out the wrong side of the bed and can’t shake it off. I know I can’t be the only one who has just woken up in a foul mood, and to be honest, this doesn’t happen often. Usually I have a positive spirit about things. I can hear the older mothers of the African American churches saying to me, “Praise the Lawd that you woke up this morning, and celebrate another day.” I just don’t feel like it today.

One moment that made me smile was meeting up with a co-worker at my front door. Steve is quite the character, and you never really know what is coming out of his mouth at times, which I find quite entertaining. He does have the ability to know when I am in a grouchy state of mind, and he won’t let you get away without saying something to try and brighten your day.

Today, Steve greeted me at the front door with compliments. Yesterday, my team played his daughter’s in the semi-finals in a district match at my school. My team lost 4-1 due to some crazy mishaps, poor choices in marking up, and, more importantly, the brutal heat took out my number of subs.

I had to think so much in that game that I went home afterwards and took a nap. Actually, I took two naps because the heat and coaching had wore me out so. Steve must have realized that, because he had nothing but positive words to say about my coaching and my girls play yesterday.

“I know you can’t be frowning about what happen yesterday, Jes. Not with the good job your girls did on that field. You did a great job coaching yesterday.”

If there is anything that can get me out of my mood, I hope it’s the words of Steve. I am proud of my team’s efforts yesterday, and I am proud to be their coach, in good times and in bad. Maybe if I think of yesterday and I can make my today better.

Cross your fingers.

Becoming Focused Once More

Today, my former student posted a picture on her Facebook wall. I thought that it summed up my feelings for the past month when it came to my writing. It stated, “I lost my focus but not my mind.”

I am not surprised that she posted such a message. She is quite a wise child for her age, and she is probably the most creative soul I have always taught. I agree with this statement completely.

There have been a number of events and reasons that have gotten in the way of my creative thoughts and expressing myself on paper. I was coaching, I was promoting the new book, I was teaching, and I was just trying to survive. But I realized that I was starting to lose myself within the chaos. So, I made some choices.

My seniors are gone now, so I made the decision to make sure to sit back and write for at least 20 minutes. Writing for school doesn’t count. Writing the commencement speech I need to give a week doesn’t count. Writing more voting forms for soccer don’t count toward my 20. Be it at lunch time, or after the bell rings, I have to this week sit back and write something.

So today, I am admitting that I lacked focus, but I am getting it back. I have made the decision to not do summer school, and work on me and my writing abilities. Sometimes, you just have to take a break and be you, and do you. I am going to buy a new laptop tomorrow, and the two of us going to make sweet things together.