Becoming Focused Once More

Today, my former student posted a picture on her Facebook wall. I thought that it summed up my feelings for the past month when it came to my writing. It stated, “I lost my focus but not my mind.”

I am not surprised that she posted such a message. She is quite a wise child for her age, and she is probably the most creative soul I have always taught. I agree with this statement completely.

There have been a number of events and reasons that have gotten in the way of my creative thoughts and expressing myself on paper. I was coaching, I was promoting the new book, I was teaching, and I was just trying to survive. But I realized that I was starting to lose myself within the chaos. So, I made some choices.

My seniors are gone now, so I made the decision to make sure to sit back and write for at least 20 minutes. Writing for school doesn’t count. Writing the commencement speech I need to give a week doesn’t count. Writing more voting forms for soccer don’t count toward my 20. Be it at lunch time, or after the bell rings, I have to this week sit back and write something.

So today, I am admitting that I lacked focus, but I am getting it back. I have made the decision to not do summer school, and work on me and my writing abilities. Sometimes, you just have to take a break and be you, and do you. I am going to buy a new laptop tomorrow, and the two of us going to make sweet things together.

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