In Honor of Tim Howard: 120 Minutes of Play

120 Minutes of Play

Eyes of decorated and traveled
Outlaws and unified Red Devils
Shine with excitement
Divided masses
Singing songs of devoted countries
Dancing with joyous feet
Chanting with emotions of the heart
Victory must be decided

A chiseled body man covered in black
Takes his place and prepares to give his body
As a sacrifice
To entertain, honor, and infuriate the crowd

Shots begin
Sweat pours down his temples
Like crystal waterfalls crashing
And ending at the edges of
His weathered beard
The assault continues
There shall be no mercy

His lean, athletic body contorts and twist 
Soars like a satellite
Launched in the dark sky
To take the many hits and strikes
Against his soft and protected palms

One bullet clangs behind him
He is not afraid
For this is what he was born to do
Each time he seems to collapse toward
The green grass in exhaustion
He continues to rise to his feet
He stand up proudly
Chest with hope and lungs filled
With pride from his country
It keeps him alive to continue to fight

One minute left
A lifetime in the eyes of many
But a sign of possible brutal end for the hero
Devils salivate and snarl with delight
Scream come at high pitches
And call for the blood of this
Man of magic

Outlaws with faces painted
In shades of white and blue
Bold stripes and shinning stars
Cringe and wonder
How much more can this one man

A decision has been made
A calmness begins to overcome
The masses of friends and foes
Not victorious is the verdict
This man walks away almost broken
but will forever be glorified in honorary lights
He lowers his head
Eyes damp with heart-broken feelings
A mind filled with thoughts
Of what might have been

Observers stroll away
With emotions that shall never leave the soul
Joy Heartbreak Anguish Awe Pride
War paint of all is washed away

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