I’m Just “Teacher” Tired

One thing that I know, there is nothing like being “teacher” tired. It is a level of fatigue that no one outside of the profession can understand. School start last week, and my body has broken down like I am a heavy weight contender that had a match with the Mike Tyson of yore. Everything when you are teacher tired, hurts, doesn’t want to function, and is on the verge of shutting down.

For example, my hip hurts at the start of each school year. I am talking limping, staggering around a house, pain. It will do this all weekend, and suddenly be cured for Monday morning, just to ache again at the last bell of Friday. It might be psychosomatic, but I tell you, anyone who has experienced being “teacher tired” completely understands.

If you want your mind to function, forget about it. You have to get your room set, clean up, make copies, sit in meetings, here a cheer for the new year then be belted back to earth with hearing about your standardize testing scores, stand in front of children, talk for hours, field a zillion questions (and no, that isn’t hyperbole, we get that many questions) from kids and parents, plus start to read and grade again. Most who aren’t called to teach would try this one day, and make a dart for the nearest cliff to jump off, because being a teacher at the beginning of the school year can break you.

So, to my dear friends that are “teacher” tired, I am with you. In less than an hour, I am going to put on my happy face for Open House, and make it seem like to parents that I have all the energy in the world for their children. That’s what teachers are designed to do. So saddle up for another school year, and fight the weights that bear down on us. Despite being this exhausted, we always make it for the benefit of our children.


The Sadness of Sunshine

I dream of you every night.

But you are gone before the dawn.

Your face, it fades, in morning light.

I dream of you every night.

The tears, the loss of soul’s delight.

In my warm arms, you do belong.

I dream of you every night.

But you are gone before the dawn.

Writing Hint of the Day-Write It Down Before You Forget

Writing Hint of the Day: Write down whatever weird things cross your mind. Most of the time, these crazy ideas come during our dreams. The unfortunate part of writing down our dreams is we forget them very quickly. I read an article that stated that we forget 90% of our dreams after the first 10 minutes of waking up. I truly believe this piece of data, because in the case of most writers, I have crazy creative dreams that wake me in the middle of the night, and if I don’t write it down immediately, I forget it.

So, here’s my tip for you. Keep a pad of paper and a pencil/pen next to your bed. You can roll right over and write down what odd events are produced by that mind of yours. Save the topics and ideas for a later time, for a time when you can think clearer and write your masterpiece. I have found that this helps me when coming up with creative topics, way more creative than when I am sitting in front of my laptop, stuck without topics to express.

So tonight, make sure to grab that small pad of yellow paper, one of your favorite pens, and do what great writers do, enjoy your dreams.


Solitude, please embrace my life.
I need to hide, to step away.
From those who cut me like a knife.
Solitude, please embrace my life.
No more hurt, pain, or tears of strife
In my dark corner I will stay.
Solitude, please embrace my life.
I need to hide, to step away.

The Value of Writer’s Conference

My suggestion of the day for any new writer: Attend a Writing Conference

It will motivate you, inspire you, and get you writing in the right direction. I just attended a three day conference at Mott Community College, and I have been more productive this week than any week so far in the summer. I was able to write my thoughts, receive a critique on a piece, hear new ideas, and walk out of there with a new sense of focus. Attend a session, and try to find one near you that is a reasonable price. Lucky for me, this one was free because I attended for professional development, but I am sure there is a way for you to get focused as a writer without emptying your pocketbook.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”


Losing My Book Signing Virginity

Dated March 24, 2013-Delayed Post

Yesterday, I had my first book signing. It was an eye opening and amazing experience. So, for those thinking of joining the literary world and writing their own book, this post is for you. Read, learn, and enjoy:

Lesson #1: Your idea of the quanity of books will not match your publisher.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just that your vision and focus will differ for your first signing. I had a vision of there being a line near the door for people to want my book. A publisher will have a cautious view on your book sales. I learned this difference of opinion two days before my book signing. I had an idea of a number of books for the signing, and my publisher had a different number in mind. There was much discussion on what the correct number should be, but untimately, if you don’t self-publish, the publisher has the final word. If you are a new author, you need to learn the word “compromise”. Later on, I will discuss how my publisher compromised for me also.

Lesson #2: Putting the Word Out Works

You have to use all the different avenues out there for you to talk about your book. Almost every medium that I chose worked to bring people in. Use social networks like crazy! I posted on Facebook often, especially the week leading up to the signing. I made an event for the book signing, I wrote about it all the time in my status updates, I made an account just for the author side, and I created a Twitter. You have to post all the time, but you have to find a way not to be super annoying. You have to post with fun words and in different ways, but you have to always post. Most of my friends are on Facebook, so I posted more there, but my students do Twitter, so I posted more trendy there for them. I made posters, I posted where to find me on social networks in my classroom, and any opportunity that people gave me to talk about the book, I did. And it worked for my first signing.

Lesson #3: Find the Right Outfit for You

I wandered around the mall for two hours looking for my signature style. Everyone has an idea of what they would like to wear on their big day. It ultimately is up to your style, but once you find it, buy it. I was looking of a diva shirt, something that would stand out to people without looking tacky. I found it in the last store, just before the mall closed. I decided to buy a black shirt, with a beautiful white tiger on it. It jumped out at the book signing attendee, and let you know that I was trying to stand out in a cool way. Every author should go out shopping the night before their first signing and find that amazing style just for you. Keep some of your style classy, and wear something that is comfortable. You will be walking around, and sitting, and hugging people, and getting as low as you can to talk to children. Your outfit has to be something you won’t sweat in, something you that no matter what you are doing, you are looking great and comfortable. If you are female, don’t go overboard with your make up, or overdo your hair. Be classy, but not flashy. Oh, and don’t do scented things on your body, people might be turned off by it.

Lesson #4: Bring an Author Kit

Bring the following with you: 1. Good ink pens: Most people tell you to do traditional black or blue ink. I chose purple, because it is my favorite color and the cover has that color. Your pens have to be able to flow quicky and neatly. Pay the extra money to have a set of good pens (have more than one, people will take your pens). 2. A bottle of water: You will need to sip on water often because people will talk a lot to you. Everyone is excited to speak to you, and you should speak back. 3. Mints: Your mouth will get hot because of all the talking. Don’t take the chance of having breath problems. Keep mints on you, so when you have a break, you can pop one in your mouth. People can’t get mad at you for taking care of your breath. 4. An extra pair of shoes. After all things are done, you want to relax. I brought along a silver pair of converses, which were chic and trendy, and changed shoes as I walked out. People noticed the silver shoes more than my glittery wedges that I struggled to wear while reading my poetry. 5. Treats for attendees: This one is a debated topic, and I totally understand why. If you don’t bring things, you look cheap. If you do bring goodies, there will be people just there to eat your free food and walk out without buying the book. So, here is my suggestion: Find someone who is just starting in the bakery business. Someone who is working at home, and trying to get his/her name out there. Have them bring goodies to the book signing, and advertise their business. That way, you don’t spend your money, you are helping someone else start his/her business, and building up good karma. It’s a win-win for everyone, plus you aren’t loosing money. 6. Book marks and business cards. You need to have these at both front corners of your table. People will pick these up like crazy! Save some bookmarks for kids who come. Make sure to speak to the children, and to authograph the bookmarks for them. It will make their day. If you write his/her name, a small message, and an authograph, the kid will be overjoyed. Other items to consider: A table cloth, tape, paper, a emailing list clipboard, extra books, a picture of yourself and a picture of the cover. Bring along a friend or family member to introduce you (thanks Carrie Shay), and bribe someone to be your photographer so that everyone who purchases a book gets a picture with you (Thanks Shelby).

So, I bet you are thinking, how did it go?

For me, it was one of the best experiences of my life. Due to all the hard work of emailing my publisher, the location, and getting the word out, I had an amazing turnout. I sold out of my books…twice. The compromise with the publisher lead to her bringing more books than she originally agreed to, and those sold out in 30 minutes. She apologized to me, and said she didn’t really know how serious I was about being successful in writing. I understood, most people are all about talk in being a famous writer. I am not. Do to putting the work in with all the things above, I sold around 40 books in my first signing. I took lots of pictures, talked to many people, and now know this is what I want to do with my life.

Last bit of advice, you need a tagline as a author. I leave you with mine:

Simply Love Life!

If you have questions, feel free to email me at authorjessycamathews@gmail.com

The Sultry Lyricist is Now on Your Internet Radio Dial!

I had yet another amazing experience, being a guest on Indy Radio. It was an opportunity that I could not refuse. Come on, all male panel, talking about poetry, going through the lightning round of random questions about life with thousands of listeners? How could a girl turn that down! It was a great time, loaded with surprises and fun for everyone involved. If you didn’t hear it, take a listen at the link below. Let me know what you think of my radio debut, supporters!